Why choose UITC ?

Ethics and values

“The way we succeed is as important to us as success itself” We all share a caring approach and a sense of respect and responsibility. Our values are a differentiator, are part of our history and are ingrained in our corporate philosophy.

Personal development

“Personal growth through the development of new skills, knowledge and abilities is imperative to UITC's success” Our approach Our employees are responsible for their own learning, career, and demonstrating the behaviors that deliver high-performancve results. Our managers are responsible for providing candid feedback to employees regarding performance and business and development opportunities, contributing a broader perspective, and playing a supporting role. Our organization – in partnership with employees – provides the trust, freedom and responsibility for individuals to thrive and flourish. Development opportunities E-Learning: Our employees have access to an internal online repository of training opportunities. Courses include communication, sales and marketing, negotiation skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence, time management and many more. Employee resource groups: Employee resource groups help build awareness, understanding, and mutual respect among coworkers and offer you an opportunity to continue developing by proving an opportunity for you to: • Take on a leadership role and learn career-building skills • Network with senior management • Create change and share your expertise Leadership training: UITC offers many development opportunities for you to develop leadership skills including coaching, public speaking, building effective relationships, people skills and more.

High caliber people

“By working with some of the best people in their field, you'll become one of them” We develop and promote a culture of respect so we can learn from each other, achieving more together than we ever could alone. The heart of leadership We’ve identified key capabilities and qualities, called the heart of leadership, that we seek, develop and expect from our people. These qualities are essential to build trust, enhance employee engagement and contribute to sustainable results: Integrity: It’s important for leaders to be honest, trustworthy and admit mistakes. Conviction: With leadership also comes a strong vision that inspires other to rally around them and take action. Courage: Our leaders are risk-takers. They face adversity with courage, challenge the status quo and champion new viewpoints.

We offer our employees

  • a supportive team environment
  • challenging and intellectually stimulating work
  • excellent resources, perks and services to make your job easier
  • second to none training and professional development
  • a great social calendar packed with events

1st Floor , Block 15, Arkan Building, Barwa Commercial Avenue, P.O. Box 2490, Doha, Qatar.

Tel: (+974) 400 65 656

Fax: (+974) 400 65 688

Email: info@uitcqatar.com