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We, United International Trading Co., (UITC) are diversified group of companies, in the business fields of Pharmaceuticals, Medical/scientific equipment’s, Medical cosmetics, Health care supplements, Sports Supplement, FMCG, Nonfood, IT related products and Retail pharmacies.

Started four decades ago, our Board of Management had envisioned the growth and the diversification of the company to become one of the leading business conglomerates in Qatar, with a strong presence in some other Middle east markets.

Our goal & the business principles were centered towards understanding and satisfying the needs of the customers and help to improve their quality of life, while valuing integrity, transparency, team work on a healthy business environment.

We closely work with our business partners and all the stake holders with mutual respect at all times while working towards our corporate objective.

The commitment from our professional set of staff, help us to face the ever-changing challenges in the business environment and has been the pillar of our success.

We continue to pursue our objectives in a manner that positively contributed towards the vision of the State of Qatar.

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About UITC Group

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United International Trading Co. WLL, a Qatar-based company with nearly four decades of experience, operates a diverse range of businesses across multiple countries, including Turkey, Canada, and the UAE. Our headquarters is located in Qatar.

Within Qatar, UITC's operations are segmented into several divisions, including Healthcare, Retail Pharmacies, Nutrition Supplement Stores, FMCG, and Advertising. Each division is overseen by a dedicated team to ensure a tailored and focused approach.

We have cultivated enduring relationships within the market and maintain a dedicated distribution strategy across various channels, including Retail, HoReCa, Institutions, and B2B.

UITC is proud to have a multicultural workforce with extensive experience and diverse skillsets.

We possess three state-of-the-art storage facilities in close proximity to Doha.

UOur business philosophy revolves around four key perspectives: customers, principals, staff, and owners.


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To retain the market leadership in segments of operation by complementing Qatar's efforts in whitch all peaple achieve their full potential for health and well being across the lifespan.


To become the most valued HealthCare partner in Qatar & GCC, with a focus on providing patient- centred healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access.